"The dangers of Microsoft Pluton" - has juicy details on Pluton, and where it might all be headed... a Dystopia, of course ;)

Great article:


Some realistic speculation at the end:

“To put this together, imagine this hypothetical scenario. A user in Legal creates a document. When the user uploads it, Azure verifies it against Pluton to both verify the document as being likely clean, and also to firmly establish who created it. When another user wants to download the document, Azure only provides a version that has been encrypted with the user’s Pluton public key if that user belonged in the right department, and thus only readable by that user.”

Some geeks over at HN are also discussing this.

For the past 8 years, I’ve been very successful at researching which laptops work with Linux, and then making a purchase.

IMHO, we have arrived at the point where we no longer have to select a windows laptop that is compatible with Linux. So, for me, no more m$ tax.

This is the long way of saying that I will avoid ANYTHING with m$ pluton on it. IMHO, that is nothing more than vendor lock-in.

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