Thanks giving for linux

I have been on Linux for about a year now and I just want to say how grateful I am to have found this amazing OS and this amazing community. I am so grateful for the freedom to set up my desktop how I want to, all the amazing apps that I have discovered, and all that I’ve learned along the way. I know that we can get bogged down in what we don’t have on Linux but I think we should focus on what we do. I have been able to make animations, try 3d modeling, record music and podcasts, edit videos, play 3d pinball , and so much more using software that I own, that doesn’t need to collect everything about me, and that is honestly more fun to use at times. I know we don’t have the latest and greatest but I would not change it for the world.

So what are you grateful for?


I’m grateful to Rocco who invited me to join this community and podcast so many years ago now. I’m thankful for Zeb and his amazing friendship and I miss him dearly on the show. I’m thankful to Noah who is so incredibly busy and pulled in a thousand different directions but still made time to hang out with us for dozens of episodes and build a stronger network. I’m thankful to Michael for staying with me to run this show and making all the artwork and websites so amazing for our community and being an amazing friend. I’m thankful to Jill for joining us on DL and teaching me how to be a better person and inspiring everyone to live their life to the fullest. I’m thankful to all the creators like Brandon, Wendy, Nate, and Matt who are the greatest creators on the planet helping this network grow. I’m thankful to this amazing community which is so patient and kind with me as I learn Linux.
That just scratches the surface. You never do it alone, there is always an army of people behind success.


I might be able to sum that up just by saying that I am wonderfully thankful for the community around linux. For me, it truly is the best part of open source.


Well said.


I’m grateful for Linux and FOSS for enabling me to continue to use and enjoy these wondrous devices we call computers while maintaining some degree of autonomy.


So true. “The people make the town.”
Source: Greek Proverbs

If it weren’t for the vast number of smart, co-operative, non-greedy, non-racketeering linux geeks out there, willing to share and help each other - to levels rarely seen anywhere else in human society - Linux would not be anything.

That spirit of cooperating and believing that there is something higher that we are all working towards - that shared vision is what I appreciate the most.


Very well stated. I love it, and the quote. To quote @jill_linuxgirl THIS is the “open-source awesome-sauce”.


Thank you to all the hard working folks who create these wonderful distros, kernels, apps tools and other software, which keep us all busy enjoying computing and talking about computing.

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