Telegram ban? No way to contact support

I tried to launch Telegram today, first on my laptop, then on my phone. Both applications are now requesting that I sign in, as if it’s the first time I’ve launched Telegram. So, I enter my phone# as is normal when signing in to Telegram. But, this time, I get a message that my phone# has been banned! So, I go looking for Telegram support on their website. No support link. Then I try Twitter, and they don’t accept tweets.

So, this is a lesson for everyone. Don’t use a proprietary service you don’t have control over, since you might invest a huge amount of time in building up a network of friends, family, and other professionals, just to find that something has happened to that service and it is no longer available.

I don’t know what caused the issue. It’s certainly not anything I’ve sent over Telegram. I’ve been using it to communicate with the Linux community. But, lesson learned. Use open-source and open platforms. Telegram is NOT a reliable method of communication if it can just be yanked out from under you with no notice, warning, nor recourse.


Thanks for sharing your experience. Good to know.

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Not disagreeing with what you are saying but…
Apparently this isn’t uncommon, though I have no idea why it happens. When it did to me I sent an email with phone number, app version, OS version to and got an email back that it was “solved” within 15 minutes. No indication that I had done anything wrong just something broke. Again, not saying to use telegram, just that this particular problem can probably be fixed if you need to use it.

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I had an issue with Telegram that went unanswered. Still has not been answered

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That is totally illogical. And unfair.