Technical Overhead | Linux Out Loud 90

In episode 90 of Linux Out Loud (LOL), Nate, Wendy, and Bill talk about their technical overhead. Don’t worry, Bill still has a game recommendation while Matt is away.




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Hi there,

This is Phil from the community feedback of that DL show - I reported in that error message when trying to look up Lego spike using Firefox.

Thank you very much for addressing this in your show! I got a lot of tips from you, so thanks for all the info.

To clarify what I was trying to do: I just wanted get some information on what Lego spike is - and I mean really basic information. And the fact that you can’t even see what it is or what you can do with it using Firefox ist just annoying.

So: good to know that there are ways around it. And when I ever get to using it, I know where to start looking.

But I am still extremely disappointed by Lego that you are greeted with an error message when all you want to see is a description, some pictures and some examples of what you can do with Spike.


In 91 (which will be out tomorrow morning) I give some feedback from Pybricks. They say that it is a limitation of Firefox that we can’t use the app in the browser.

I’m so glad the info was helpful though! 3 of my 4 kids have been involved with FLL. Two are graduating to FTC and one will go from FLL Explore to a Challange Team. While the program is fantastic, Pybricks makes it so much better!