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Floatplane was started after the site Vessel was shuttered, and their constant complaints about how YouTube was mistreating them.

It has been up for years They (Luke) it was “now open” way back in 2014, or 2015, and is a complete flop. There is only around seven or eight content providers now after all this time.

List of my reasons:

  • Cannot even see the site unless being logged in
  • Even when logged in, cannot see any content, just a list of content creators and a terse description of their content (unless subscribed to them)
  • Cannot see any sample content to decide if you want to even subscribe
  • And lastly, no promotion of the site.

Yeah there were some creators on there for internal testing. You couldn’t even sign up until really recently and they were just hiring people early last year to help develop it. I saw an LTT video just a week or two ago where they explicitly said that sign up for creators and viewers was open. So it seems like they just got off the ground. Anyway, I’m not going to discount that option just yet

That is odd. I recall during a WAN Show ( I know it was back in 2016, they were saying it was up and ready. When I first visited the site way back after they first announced it those about four years ago, I saw a total of three creators on it. What I found odd is at the time, is you had to have a LTT forum/site account just to log into it.

Here they are talking about Floatplane back in 2016