Tech Pills weekly live streams, join me live!

Hey people! If you haven’t seen my around the forum already, I am GabMus from the Tech Pills YouTube channel.

With @MichaelTunnell’s blessing, I’d like to tell you about the weekly live streams I’ve been doing on my channel lately.

It’s an occasion to talk about the latest news in the Linux and tech world, as well as to interact with the community, giving voice to everyone’s opinion and discussing about whatever is it you want to talk about.

I’d love for you people to join me! I live stream on YouTube every Friday at:

5pm CET
11am EST
10am CST
8am PST

Hope to see you there!

Also, if you want to be notified when the streams are about to start, either subscribe to the channel (link above) or join:

  • the Telegram group where you can also interact with other people in the community
  • the Telegram channel to only receive notifications for new videos and upcoming live streams