Tackling Burnout | Linux Out Loud 20

This week, Linux Out Loud chats about burnout in the tech world.

Welcome to episode 20 of Linux Out Loud. We fired up our mics, connected those headphones as we searched the community for themes to expound upon. We kept the banter friendly, the conversation somewhat on topic, and had fun doing it.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:17 Nate’s SteamDeck
00:09:25 Time Off
00:18:37 TMNT
00:24:53 Tackling Burnout
00:53:23 CNC Update
00:56:31 Pi Cluster
01:01:08 GPU Upgrade & Teardown
01:08:24 Close

openSUSE on Nate’s SteamDeck Poll


Contact info
Matt (Twitter @MattGameSphere)
Wendy (Mastodon @WendyDLN)
Nate (Website CubicleNate.com)

Nate on your 3d printer issue. Make sure you have a good connection from the bowden tube to the nozzle. Hand tighten the nozzle then back off 1 turn, push the bowden tube down to the nozzle and then tighten the nozzle. Make sure the tube is cut flush and remove any that looks burnt. Hope that will fix your problem. Going to a direct drive will add more weight to the head and you may have to slow down prints to avoid ringing around the edges.



That is a good idea. I will try that next time it fouls up! Heck, I just may do it before it fouls up.