SUSE / Rancher Labs, System76 AMD Laptop, Linux on Apple M1 Mac Project | This Week in Linux 128


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell, very interesting show, with mostly very good news, too!

I hope the M1 project goes to completion. I’ve never been a fan of Apple myself, find them far too restrictive, but if they’ve left an avenue open on what looks like solid hardware, I’d love to see Linux on it!

There seems to be a lot on DEs all at the same time this week! I think Pine are great and any new thing they offer such as Plasma is exciting news to me. I’ve not upgraded my old Motorola phone for some time, in the hope that my next phone can be Linux not Android, but it does need to be a solid daily driver, so not sure we’re quite there yet with any of the current handsets?

JavaScript has never been a favourite of mine, though I know it became very popular for web development. I’m not really sure what it’s doing in Cinammon / Gnome subsystems, but I have to say that doesn’t inspire confidence (though I am a Gnome user). I found the scripting languages that were mostly used for the web seemed to lack features present in languages for large-scale software construction and so just never seemed so safe to me. Just a preference, I guess. In any case, performance improvements are always welcome :slight_smile: