Suggestions for Reaction Videos from Michael?

I started doing Reaction Videos on my YouTube channel. I started doing reaction videos based on the Linus Tech Tips Linux Challenge series and because I have received so much positive feedback asking me to keep doing it so I will.

This thread is for people who would like to suggest videos for me to react to on my channel. If you have anything specific you would like for me to react to then please let me know. :smiley:


I’m going to throw a curve ball here…

How about react to some Blender videos? Like this :

It’s a tutorial on using the Grease pencil tool in blender. While the first few minutes is all you might need for a reaction, maybe speeding through at 2x and watching it all come together might be a unique experience.

It’d be fascinating to see you react to this, which was probably made before you were born.

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