Suggestion on categories and sub categories

When looking at the categories and sub categories, I see some that seem to be out of place, could be somewhere else, could use to be broken down even further, or arranged differently. From how I see it, some sub categories could even use sub categories, as well as categories appear under two or more others at the same time (cross referenced), and even viewable as a tree, but not sure if all that is even possible with this CMS.

Not at all saying that categorization is easy, but for instance “Linux discussion” is kind of a strange one to begin with, because this is DLN after all, and it’s all about Linux (although an “Other OS bashing” category would be neat :grinning:), and its sub categories “Linux Desktop” and “Linux Servers”, could be sub categories of “Device Specific Linux”, along with the Raspberry, ARM systems, Smart Phones… Then there’s the “Help Desk” where in reality just about every category could use a Help sub category, as well as an application and Tutorial sub category, as I can see them all growing quite unwieldy over time, since people need help and tutorials on any topic, and there’s apps for anything and everything too. Then there is a “Distro Specific Help” sub category under “Help Desk”, but no “Distro specific Discussion” category, and really a “Distro Specific category” with subs may just be better, although there could be way too many of those (as I said, not all that easy), and the same goes for Desktop environments" for which there are also specific apps and trouble shooting procedures… Networking is also such a huge topic, calling for it’s own category, and subs below it.

“Photography” although a great topic, is kind of a sub of “The arts”, because you also have Audio production, Video editing, Graphics editing, literature… all which could be under “The Arts”, along with “Linux Office” and “Home automation”… All being “Use cases”, where “Gaming” could be too, so 3 or more tiers would be better than just two.

Basically I understand that people have different ways of looking for information, and different ways of organizing their stuff, let alone knowing the relationships between things in order to look in the right place to begin with, where some kind of automated cross referencing really would shine, so finding what you are looking for is much easier. Sure there’s always the search engine, but even in the age of “AI” (way more A than I for now) still cannot anticipate what you are looking for based on use of language, when it comes to information.

I know I’m asking for way too much, but if not for now, then the future, so to all programmers: Linux needs AI, and of the kind that works for us, not against us, as it can be of use from everything from dependency to forum management, and so much more. I have always wanted the Star Treck conversational interface for my PC since the 70’s, and really thought it would have come to fruition by now. :cry:

Could AI be added as a new category? It’s really exploding right now. It seems like a new use case for AI is coming out every day and a new AI app and new benchmarks for existing AI applications seem to come out several times a week.