Suggest a cheap but decent entry level point and shoot camera that you carry everyday

Hey guys! Im looking to dumb down my smartphone and divorce as much features as possible. I know for a fact that megapixel is just a number that does not necessarily translate to a better picture quality. With that said, can you guys suggest a camera less than 200 USD with the following features in order of importance:

  1. Compact - has to be small or small-ish, ideally the size of a deck of cards. It must not be a bulky DSLR.
  2. Good image quality - hopefully at least at par with a Google Pixel or an iPhone, if such a camera exists in this price range.
  3. Price - Like i said must be less than 200 USD, but i can probably argue up to 300 USD but no more.
  4. Can do video or hook up to a linux computer like a webcam if possible.

Thank you!

Photographers have often recommended (to me) the Panasonic Lumix series. There are ones the size of a deck of cards, fairly large zoom lenses packed in there by Leica. You can get models for under $300.

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Lumix lenses are designed by Leica, not made by Leica. Large cost difference. @astronautsupplier, what kind of zoom range are you looking for? Super-zoom, “walkabout” focal lengths, or fixed focal lengths?

Be aware that this end of the market (low-cost point-and-shoots) has pretty much yielded to the smartphone. Most of the best rated point-and-shoots are higher-end models that exceed the performance of an iOS/Android device, but are well outside your stated budget.

This is what I got my wife:

The DJI Osmo Pocket. While it can bolt on to a smartphone, it can also be used independently and it lands just a bit out side of your upper range: $349.


I might add, you will maybe want to select a camera that is supported by various open source firmware projects.

Here is an article about CHDK for various models of Canon cameras.


I, for one, like Fujifilm Finepix point-and-shoot cameras, which simply take an SD card, or MicroSD card for storage (with a removable battery). Something like this. 207.4g

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It reminds me of Rockbox, only it’s for cameras, not MP3 players. Alas, virtually all Rockbox-compatible devices have gone the way of the dodo.

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yeah, why get a music only player when you purchase a cheap cell phone which does that plus more.

There is a product for Canon DSLR’s called Magic Lantern and it is an alternate firmware for Canon cameras. You can read more about it here:

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