Sudo Show 36: Kubos, Managing Your Hardware in Space

Today we take you into a low orbit with Tyler Browder of the Kubos Corporation and how they utilize open source and cloud native to provide a smarter satellite management suite.

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Medium: Kubos, A Software Platform for Space
BizJournals: Mission Control Startup Snags 2.8M
Dallas Innovates: Denton-Based Kubos Corp. Launches Software into Space for the First Time

Podcast: Ground Control Checking In
NASA’s Core Flight System
SatNOGS: Open Source Ground Station


00:00 Intro
00:43 Welcome
02:07 Sponsor - Digital Ocean
03:14 Sponsor - Bitwarden
04:40 Meet Tyler Browder
07:18 Kubos Corporation
12:05 Managing IT in Space
20:58 Journey to Cloud Native
30:51 Kubos Outreach
35:47 Wrap Up

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Where do you guys find these people for interviews? I’ve just heard from so many completely different people now, I can’t imagine a contact list that big. Impressive stuff.

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Great question! They come from all over really. Twitter, referrals from previous guests, people Brandon and I know personally, and this one is from a podcaster community that tries to match guests with shows.