Sudo Show 31: Data Analytics and Startups with Rick Hall

Michael Tunnell from the Destination Linux Network joins Eric to talk to Rick Hall, a life-time entrepreneur and CEO of Aginity. We discuss data analytics and starting your own business.

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Michael Tunnel

Rick Hall - LinkedIn
Kairn Corp


00:00 Intro
00:42 Meet Michael Tunnell
06:15 Sponsor - Digital Ocean
07:18 Meet Rick Hall
09:01 What is Aginity?
15:53 Data Analytics
24:01 Risk of Data Collection
25:41 Sponsor - Bitwarden
26:37 Starting a Business
33:27 Balancing Life in a Startup
42:51 Open Source as a Startup
47:31 Avoiding Stagnation
50:55 Closing Thoughts
52:10 Wrap Up