Sudo Show 07: Looking at GitLab

Brandon and Eric are joined by Greg Myers, a Support Engineer at GitLab. In this interivew, our hosts discuss what it means to be an application for the entire DevOps pipeline and what its like to work for a company that believes EVERYTHING should be open source.


First ever live episode:

Wednesday Dec 23rd from 7 to 9pm UTC or 12 to 2pm Pacific time:
2020-09-23T19:00:00Z (2hrs)

Video chat AMA, ask about: Open source, careers, education, business, (maybe Star Trek)

Zoom link on the day of the event on the SUDO Show site and Social Media, have your headset ready to go and please keep it family friendly.

If you can’t make it send in an Email early to the address mentioned @ 00:05:30

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We use Gitlab Runners in Manjaro ARM infrastructure to build our packages.

We have set up a couple of ARM devices with the Gitlab Runner arm64 binary and it just runs the package creation commands for us, via the CI/CD. :slight_smile:

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The .gitlabci file is incredibly powerful. I had customers who could deploy ALL of their AWS infrastructure utilizing Terraform and Ansible through an Infrastructure Team project. That could hand the environment off to the dev team projects to deploy applications too.