Stop Motion LEGO video... created on Linux?!

I have a friend who’s very good at making some great stop motion LEGO videos. I recently helped him move from Windows 7 to Kubuntu and after a little bit of trial, error, and a little bit of frustration, he was able to create his first one using Kubuntu 20.04 and Kdenlive.

Please take a look!


Not really found of the theme but it’s well done :+1:

I’m always amazed how much time is needed for one minute of stop motion :crazy_face:

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Oh yeah, I sort of forgot about the whole police brutality thing going on right now :sweat_smile:

But indeed, my friend has a lot of patience to be able to put this together!


Very nice job!

There are a couple of ffmpeg commands that make quick work of all those pictures. Made a few of these with my kids during the quarantine.

Job well done.

Super cool!

Oh yeah those evil police that keep law and order. Whine and complain about them up until the moment when you need them and you’re screaming at them for help.

Give me a break.

It’s a little more complicated than that :thinking:
For context purpose I live in Europe and my brother in law was in the police. I don’t side with those who wants to get rid of the police. But they have to be accountable for their acts and there’s many ways to maintain peace without killing people

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I was curious to know more of Oldschool’s thoughts though this is a Linux forum and i’m skeptical if this style of political discussion serves the greater good of Linux.

I love seeing a fringe of politics, it’s what makes people human and that needs to not go away. But the World is depending on the Linux community to get along.

So play nice.

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I don’t want to get too far into politics (and I apologize for not being more mindful of the time I posted this video) but this is how I feel as well. I appreciate the officers who did join the force to help people, and I’m against completely shutting down the police, but absolutely there are a lot of “bad apples” in the bunch and I think they should be punished accordingly.

My friend who made this video would also agree with my sentiment. He is against fascism and just wanted to make a video that appeals to his interests (which happen to be military themed). An unfortunate series of events led to this video being finished at a time where the police are in the news for being over the top, and my oblivious butt wanted to share this awesome thing he made before any major changes had been made to the current police policy.

I hope everyone and their family is safe in this very weird time, and I hope that things are able to de-escalate so that we can return to a semblance of normal soon.


Well stated. Many of us have close family that work in law enforcement, and it certainly has been a frustrating and difficult time to navigate.

Thank you for posting this. I don’t think the good spirit in its presentation, nor all of the hard work that goes into stop-motion animation was meant to be ignored in the slightest. :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry, as jastombaugh said, the original post was in good spirit as was your first answer. My first remark was meant to be more in tongue in cheek style as I understood that but went out serious :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging: