Steam summersale!

Steams Summer sale is on, a lot of discounts.
So, did you find anything good to expand your library with ?
Any recommendations or suggestions ?

Personally, I’m still browsing thru the store, and haven’t found anything particularly interesting yet.

I bought “Lego Incredibles,” “Lego City Undercover,” “Lego Marvel’s Avengers,” and “Lego Lord of The Rings.” I spent about $20 but have only played the “Incredibles” game so far. I am quite happy with my purchases!

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Yeah, I have found a couple so far.
Starting to populate my shopping cart, time will tell “where it lands” ! :smiley:

Hey, that’s a pretty good value for Lego!

Here’s what you can get for $20 in actual Lego:


You have to shop the clearance section! I got all kinds of things I didn’t want from that endcap of the store!