Standing desk recommendations

not really linux specific but i though you fine folks would be the best to ask.
Where can I find a descent standing desk. Preferably one that goes from sitting to standing.


Home depot sells a variable height workbench in various lengths from 46 to 60" length
Adjustable Height Work Table with/without 2-Drawers in White or black legs. Manually raises from ~ 30 to 47 inches with a hand crank locking wheels to move around if you choose to use them. Built like the proverbial Brick house.
search Husky52 in. Adjustable Height Work Table with 2-Drawers in White on their site

I don’t have one, but I know I recently saw a few available at IKEA.

This is the cheapest and good way I did it:

Ordered this table from Office Depot. These tables are no longer available in store, but will be delivered next day. $80 + tax

Then I got these at the bar/demo height. Kitchen table height also available for about $40.

Lift Your Table Leg Extensions Standing Desk Kit

Presto! A standing desk!

Are you looking for freestanding, or something a la Varidesk where it lets you do both, but is mounted on an existing tabletop?

If freestanding, my personal favorite is from here:

Then you get a STOOL and everything’s good to go!