Stadia - A Gift To Linux?

Curious how many of you have played with the Google Stadia. I think most people know my position on most things Google, however, curious if anyone sees this as a win for playing more AAA Linux games or is this thing is going to be another Google product they will abandon?


I heard about the limited games available and features missing but didn’t know about paying back pre-orders. Is that for the Stadia device pre-orders or the games that were supposed to launch?

Even if Stadia wasn’t as big of a failure as it appears to be I still wouldn’t be interested.

  1. No access to your games when your offline, Google kill project, bans you or whatever
  2. Lag
  3. Google having total control over your gaming
  4. Google mining even more of your data
  5. Google having it’s name attached to it

If I really need a Stadia game this badly (which I probably won’t anyway), I’ll just try to run it via wine or on some other platform.

One thing it might be good for, is option to play games for others, how might be unsure about Linux, but seeing how things turned out, it probably won’t do us much good.

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