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Is anyone else bummed out that baseball, soccer or hockey (or other sports I don’t watch) are shut down? I’m going through some athletic entertainment withdrawal over here. I hope we at least get a truncated baseball season, but I wouldn’t want to see it at the expense of the players or fans’ health.

Anyone else miss watching their teams?

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I used to watch women’s roller derby at a venue downtown, and since it’s not televised the only way to see it is to gather in person, in large groups. Sadly, that isn’t going to be able to happen likely for the rest of this season. I miss my ladies.

That’s unfortunate. I have a friend who was going to do roller derby for the first time this year and she is super bummed about having to wait.

I miss hockey. We were right at the best part of the NHL season and I’ve really missed seeing the conclusion. Even if it comes back, I don’t think it’s’ going to conclude in a normal way. I’m glad they decided to stop playing when they did as their health is way more important than my desire to watch them play. There’s always next year!

No doubt. The Flyers were on a tear and then nothing. It’s vexing.

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Man, you aren’t kidding. They were doing so well. Unlike my Penguins. On second thought, maybe it’s not so bad after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I miss my Braves, and I’m a college football junky, ROLL TIDE!. With that said I’m getting my other football (soccer) on YouTube, and both F1 and NASCAR (I watch F1 but not NASCAR) are having e-racing. NASCAR is televised on FS1 but I haven’t watched it yet. The banter will probably be better than the racing.

Lots of good sports on YouTube, and there’s always youtube-dl so you can watch it on the go.

I am not a real soccer guy but I will miss this year’s Euro Cup and watching it over beers in my favorite bar.

Hockey and Formula One are my obsessions.
The Ny Isles were one point out of the playoffs when play stopped. Granted they were not playing like a playoff team, but still, they might have squeaked in.

Agreed about the Broad Street Bullies, they were tearing it up.
Did they take 1st from the Caps?

No :frowning: . So close though

I don’t follow NASCAR but I heard about this yesterday. Some MLB players are playing PlayStation tournaments which is a thing but I understand that the e-racing is an actual realistic simulation. Is that fun to watch at all? I could see it translating better with auto racing because the mental and physical actions would be similar to reality.