Southeast Linux Fest (SeLF 2022)

The Southeast Linux Fest 2022 ( is on for June 10,11,12.

I will be there. Who else will be there?

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I am planning on attending as well.

You should be able to find me easily as I’ll be the one wearing a Linux t-shirt.


My reservation has been made !!!

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Lol. I am quite sure you will standout. Looking forward to this year. I usually drive down for a day or so, but this year I was able to fully take the weekend so I decided to book myself at the Sheraton so I can enjoy all of it for once.

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That was my poor attempt at humor. I’m funnier in person.

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It was good. Most people say I am funnier looking in person.


Anyone know when registration is going to open? It’s a little over a week away…

I have not seen an update on registration. However, I just sent in the form for volunteering if needed so maybe I will get an update on things I can share.

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Working schedule is up and I think registration opens today or tomorrow.

Not the most polished UI, but I’m registered now. Thanks for posting the update.

I’m a bit behind on podcasts myself but if this is the one which the DL team’s at wow, what a treat - how lucky you are to be going!

I do consider myself lucky. Lucky that I live close enough that I’ve already met and spent some time with some of the DLN hosts.

This will be my first time attending SELF. I hope to make some new friends this weekend.

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Looking forward to it myself. Not sure if the DLN hosts will be there this year with the fact they are going to be at SCaLE, but Noah will be here.

Hope to meet new people, learn, and enjoy this weekend. See you there!

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So far, I am really enjoying SELF. I of course went to the SUSE booth.


Ah nice. Sounds like a fruitful SELF inspection.

So far so good. Have not spent any booth time yet. I am eyeing a SuSe sticker. Lol

About to learn a little bit about Traefik.

Hope to break my social shell and meet some of you while here.

Is SELF open to the public? I live about 20 mins away. . .

Yes. Checkout

Come join us. Btw, where are you coming from ?

I had a great time at SELF (this was my first time attending).

It was great spending time with @CubicleNate and @kernellinux. I made many friends.

It’s going to be a long wait until next year’s SELF.


It was certainly a LOT more fun than I expected. Truly a good time.