[solved] Which brand of color ink-tank printers are known for being compatible with Linux?

I’m using Ubuntu 22.04 on an AMD Ryzen 7 laptop. I need to get a color ink-tank printer (not an ink jet). Which printer brands have a reputation for being compatible with Linux? This will help me narrow my search.

I’m considering HP, Canon, Epson and Brother.

I did a quick check on one Canon printer and it had Linux drivers. But the seller said the wifi doesn’t work with Linux.

The HP printer I checked did not have Linux drivers.

Anyone here have a color ink-tank wifi printer working with Linux? Does the wifi printer connection work?

Hi there, I’ve owned all of those brands except HP (recently), and they will all work with Linux. You’ll have the hardest time with Brother, which has proprietary Linux driver packages buried on an obscure webpage somewhere. The other brands will probably be supported out of the box on many distros, and I don’t necessarily believe that the Canon won’t work over WiFI.

What I would recommend is to use the system-config-printer GUI or the CUPS web interface at to add a dummy printer and manually choose the driver, and check whether it allows you to select the brand/model you’re interested in.

If it’s a multifunction device, you might have a slightly more difficult time getting scanning over the network to function, but again it’s almost always possible.

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HP usually works fine with Linux. I always owned HP printers and still have one in use.

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My HP Smart Tank 7000 series printer worked out of the box with the linux hplip 3:22 package. Shows ink levels and more. I should say that the easiest way I found to set it up was to use the HP Smart app on my Android phone.


Hi All, Thanks for the replies. They give me more confidence that modern printers seem to work OK with Ubuntu. I’ll narrow down my selection and make a choice and double check that the Linux driver is available.


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Epson ET-3750 (ecoTank) works well with Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@recycled Cool. Thanks. I’ll check if it’s available where I live.