[solved] Ubuntu 22.04. Any app that can upload images to imgur?

I upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 and Flameshot refuses to work (it worked totally fine when I was on 21.10). Flameshot deb and Flameshot flatpak both don’t work. I’ve been in communication with the dev and he’s unable to help me get it working. Sigh. In the meantime I’ve been using Gnome Screenshot.

Is there any Ubuntu app that can upload images to imgur similar to how Flameshot does it?

What is the terminal output of flameshot gui?

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Hello m3110w

“ksnip” seems to have this ability (I have not used it):


Does that help?

The dev helped me finally get Flameshot working again after 6 weeks. Yay! It’s a great tool. Thanks for the replies to my post.