[Solved]Ubuntu 21.04. Question about using an old app

I found a Linux app called LuckyBackup. I checked the changelog and it was last updated in 2018. Safe to use an old abandoned app like this? Or best to not use it?
I’m new to Linux.

The LuckyBackup UI looks good, but there’s other apps I can use if LuckyBackup is not safe.

If the app hasn’t been updated since 2018, then i think it’s best to look at something more recent and actively supported by the developers.
It’s hard to say without trying the app first, but i tend to look to more recent apps, which get regular updates.


Thanks. This helps improve my understanding of the Linux world. I’ll avoid old abandoned apps.

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You’re welcome. Happy to help.

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Thanks. Could you mark this thread as ‘Resolved’?

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I can’t, but i’m sure that one of the admins here will.

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