(SOLVED) Timeshift Rsync save or skip open files?

Linux newbie here. Just switched from Windows 10 to Fedora. I’m now doing my first backup of my Fedora 34 BTRFS system. I’m using Timeshift Rsync. I’m now backing up all my files (including home direc) to an external hard drive. Does Timeshift Rsync skip open files? Or do all open files also get backed up? Thx!

Opening a file just copies it into RAM. The original file is still sitting there on your disk doing nothing until you save any changes to your open file. Then the original file gets changed to match. Timeshift will backup files on the disk, open or not. It will not backup any changes to that file if you haven’t saved the file of course.

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Great. Thanks! Good news. I’m glad I can keep working while all my open files also get backed up.