[SOLVED] Newbie. How to clone/image a Linux btrfs system?

I’m currently using Ubuntu 21.10 with ext4 file system. I’m thinking of switching to 21.10 btrfs. I did some googling and looks like Clonezilla doesn’t work with btrfs. I use Clonezilla daily to clone my ext4 system. Works great and easy to use.

Since Clonezilla doesn’t work with btrfs, what do Linux users use to successfully and easily clone a btrfs system?

Remember, I’m a newbie so a solution that involves lots of command line knowledge will definitely not work for me. I need a simple solution like Clonezilla.

All one partition, or does your install include multiple partitions?

Either way, I think keeping an ISO image and then just backing up the snapshots should suffice, but those that are much more knowledge than I with respects to btrfs will chime in here shortly.

I found out that Clonezilla does support btrfs. Yay! I’m all set. I read somewhere that it doesn’t, but that info was outdated.


Good to know, thanks for the follow-up.