[Solved] New Thunderbird 78 is great but has lost ONE important feature


the topic tells it:
The new Thunderbird 78 is great but has lost ONE important feature:
Beeing able to zoom in/out the text size in mails, via

Ctrl + Mousewheel

Since v.78 which is great in any other ways… this does not work anymore, and I did not find any way to bring this back. Instead I have to use ctrl + plus/minus. This works, but I am much more fast with mousewheel as the right hand always is on the mouse anyway…

Do you have an idea? Perhaps I am totally over viewing something.

Kind regards


I just tried it in version 78.3.1, and it works for me.

Kubuntu with Thunderbird 78.3.1 here and Ctrl+Scrollwheel works fine for me.

Hi friends,

I just cant believe it. It actually works for me, too. I have no clue why it did not in the past. Perhaps it was a minor update that fixed it (I am using the “portable linux version”… the tar archive one…).
I am totally sure it did NOT work the past 6 weeks or so…

But… ok… now it does. Thanks for your help and work. It made me re-trying it…

Kind regards