[SOLVED, kinda] Ubuntu 21.10. Which PDF app allows for filling out form fields and saving the PDF?

Details here → https://imgur.com/sS7plU4.png

I want to periodically save the PDF as I’m filling in all the form fields. Which PDF app can do this on Ubuntu 21.10?

I think Open Office may be able to do it with their standard Writer app.

I’m not familiar with PDF stuff but linuxlinks.com is a really good resource for finding tools.

  • Go to linuxlinks.com
  • Click “BEST SOFTWARE” on the top bar
  • Click Documents (Pen paper icon)
  • Click PDF Tools (Red PDF icon)

I’ve used a program called Master PDF for this. There’s a free linux version that has form filling capabilities. Adobe has Acrobat for linux but the download link isnt public anymore so you’ll need to google for it. its kinda old though.

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@Ethanol I did some more research and it appears that FINCEN won’t allow me to download the FBAR PDF form unless it first detects that Acrobat Reader is installed. So I’m stuck unless I can get something running in Virtual Box. The VBox solution could work, but it would take a lot of time and research. So I’ll just use the FBAR online form. Sigh. Oh, well.

Thanks for the suggestion, anyways.

@Ulfnic LinuxLinks is a great site. I’m now exploring it. Thanks.

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This is absolutely ridiculous. You could have a feature for feature compatible with Adobe pdf viewer and it would still force you to install it just to download the file?

@Ethanol I know, it’s totally frustrating. When I try to download the FBAR form it instead gives a small PDF, image here → https://imgur.com/UOFntrL.png It’s time for me to write a letter to my Congressperson.

I just bit the bullet and used Windows (installed on my 2nd internal nvme drive). Sigh.

I get the feeling, dude.