[Solved] Distro suggestions for my new AMD laptop

I’m a Patreon supporter of DL. I just purchased a MSI Bravo 15 Ryzen 7 4800H 15.6" A4DDR-212IN laptop. I plan to nuke Windows and install a Linux distro. I’m an average user, not a gamer or video editor, etc.

I’m guessing that all major popular distros these days work fine with AMD CPUs and graphics. That true? Distros like Ubuntu, PopOS, Mint, MX, etc.

Are there popular distros that don’t work well with AMD CPUs and graphics?

My dream is to find a lightweight, stable distro that works great with AMD tech. I think something like Xfce would be fine for me. I’m not interested in heavily customizing my DE.

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I’m running Solus Linux on my AMD-based Thinkpad laptop. It runs perfectly.

I’m also a big fan of MX-Linux, but I have not tried it on my AMD laptop. I’m sure it would run great, though.


First of all, Thank You so much for becoming a Patron of DL! This is very much appreciated!

As for the distro question, AMD hardware support is built into the Linux kernel these days so any distro with an up to date kernel will run AMD hardware fantastically. The model AMD you have is not extreme bleeding edge so Ubuntu might even work fine.

Ubuntu has an issue of only updating hardware support via the kernel every 6 - 8 months and that can sometimes backfire with newer AMD hardware but I think the model series you have will be just fine for any distro.

I commented about the lightweight factor and the app availability on your other thread.


Thanks for the replies! Very helpful. I’m now also researching Fedora 34. Looks promising… :slightly_smiling_face: Will post when I make my final decision on the distro. :smile_cat:

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