Software to make Raspberry Pi clock with addons

I just got my new 5’ screen I plan to connect to my Raspberry Pi to turn it into a little customizable clock with weather station on some other widets. I want it to be highly customizable both in terms of look and stuff that might be displayed on the screen. The only problem is – I don’t know what software should I use.

My first idea is conky. Being extendable with lua programming I could make pretty much anything I want. Only problem is the fact it doesn’t run as a window application I could full-screen. So, I’d need to hide all desktop elements and my wallpaper would be a background.

Another option is making HTML file and adding all functionality via javascript. This option is even more customizable for the cost of writing everything myself.

What do you think? Are the any other options I don’t know of? What could I use?

With conky, you could probably do an autohide on window elements to reduce the amount of desktop elements on the screen. I could see that being a pretty viable option. There are probably some options out there specifically for this use case though.

When you get it up and running, update us with what you end up using with a lil show-n-tell :+1:

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It’s not final yet, but MagicMirror ² is what I’m most likely gonna use.
No mirrors though, just a little display with nice wallpaper.

Yep, MagicMirror with little reconfiguration was exactly what I needed.

That things looks awesome. There’s loads of addons for it