Software Ideas for Developers to Consider

I’m sure many of us have found a ‘gap’ in software needs. One for which there seems to be no current software to fill. This thread is dedicated to those needs. My hope is that those of us with software coding talent might find some inspiration here, and maybe even discover the program they were meant to code.

If you have a great idea for a software package that, as far as you are aware of, does not yet exist, feel free to post an idea, mockup, or concept here.

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I’ll start off the list with a game, actually.

I honestly think that FPS titles are so plentiful now that there really doesn’t need to be another re-take on the same old formula.

What if there was a freak accident in which NBA Jam crossed paths with Marvel vs DC. All of the ‘basketball players’ were comic superheroes (with appropriate powers), but the goal and rules remained permanent to basketball.

As a player, you are constantly balancing the rules of basketball (Scoring, time limits, and teamwork) with old-school playground battles!) For multiplayer, this would be a royal blast!!!

If I had the ability to create such a playable game, It would be awesome to use the assets from 16-bit super-hero games as the basis for characters to give it a slight NBA Jam flare, but honestly, I think the concept would be so fun in and of itself, you really couldn’t go wrong with it no matter how you worked it.

Players have no ‘life bar’, as it were, to keep the game moving and semi-focused on the basketball aspect.

-Follow up with a Hockey game (which is only slightly lest brutal than non-sport battle royal games)

Just putting this idea in the water to see if it floats.