Socks5 with Firefox or alternative

[solved, solution in reply]

Hi! This is my first post, and first I would like to express gratitude to Destination Linux creators and supporters. I greatly enjoy the show and would like to ask a community for an opinion on my question.
Also sorry for my bad English.

Is anyone using Socks5 with password authorization with Firefox? I do for reasons other than privacy, sometimes I just need to access a single webpage which is blocked by my local law, or (a recent example) is Google Stadia launch - I just wanted to look at the product page, and Google says “We do not offer it in your country, so, please, go away”.
Alternative is Tor or VPN, the first I sometimes use, but it is clunky (slow to start and to work, especially downloads, you have to copy and paste links) and does hot have my passwords and bookmarks, also some websites manage to block it somehow.
The second looks like overkill, it would wrap all data from my PC, unless there is an extension to only use it with Firefox?

The recommended way to use Socks5 with password auth is a third-party add-on. I chose ProxyToggle which until recently was the most privacy friendly, it could not access anything except socks proxy settings.
Now they have updated the extension and it requests access to all webpages and data.
There is an argumentation that this is caused by Firefox updating API and my current version would stop working in Firefox 71.
I deny, of course. Even if I analyze the code and trust the developer to upload what is openly published and not something else, the code could be passed to other developer without any notice to user.

So, my options so far look like:

  1. Analyze the code, clone the repo, build extension and always update manually.
    Lost of work.
  2. Use Tor
    Clunky, slow, uses resources of volunteers to pass data when I have my own resources.
  3. Set up my own VPN server.
    I hope there is a Firefox extension to not wrap all traffic, which I can trust.
  4. Set up local proxy on every machine, without password, which will forward to my cloud password protected proxy.
    I currently have no idea how to do it and if it is even possible.
    There is no fast way to toggle it on and off in FF without any extension, AFAIK.
    Also local proxy setup on every machine is not what I would like to do and maintain.

What would you do?

So, I tried route No 1.
I could not find source code for my extension, so I chose another (FoxyProxy) which have it linked from description.
I looked through the code, disabled one feature I did not fully understand (yet) which could potentially affect my privacy and which is tied to closed source server, packaged it and … Firefox will only install extensions signed by Mozilla.

Luckily it is free and you can do it without publishing your (or someone`s in this case) extension, but this service gives me an “Oops” error for now.
Will wait and try again.

It turns out, since every Firefox extension is a zip archive, you can just download it using wget if you copy the link from “Add to Firefox” button!
This way you get a signed extension you can analyze yourself and then install, and disable auto-updates for security if you want.
So now I am a happy user of FoxyProxy, which has lots of features and works great.