So, What Can I Do With This?

Information is in the picture. I have a Dell Inspiron 3670 that had Intel Optane Memory. I run Linux Mint 20. Could I use this for something or is it not worth the trouble?

Oh, and it’s not dual boot. Only has LM 20 on the puter. :smile:

Use it for disk caching!

Or use it to dual boot LM 20.1 for beta testing and help us all out!

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Minecraft server? Kodibox? Other suggestions anybody?

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Add a USB hard drive and set it up as a network backup / home repo.

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Anyone know if I can use the Rapid Storage Technology RAID system on Linux? Would it be possible?

To answer your question: yes, you can.
I came up with this:

Hope it helps.

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Ooh Optane, perfect for a swap partition. That’s what I would use it for. Ready fast suspend and resume.

@gemmakaru that’s exactly what I did with it!

I would install one of the Ubuntu 21.04 Flavors on OpenZFS 2.0, for most flavors it is part of the install process. That Optane disk is ideal as secondary cache often even for a sata-SSD. I would use 2GB for the ZIL/LOG write cache and the remainder for the persistent L2ARC read cache. Both caches are by default lz4 compressed with a compression ratio of ~1.8.

You could also use Ubuntu 20.04 with an older version of ZFS, but that means the read cache is not persistent and needs to be rebuild after each boot, so it will not help during boots…

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