Slimbook Essential Answers The Call For Affordable Linux Laptops

By Jason Evangelho


That’s indeed good news. Recently I contemplated buying a laptop. I have reasonable needs and was stuck in between buying an Asus (or similar) or spending sensibly more for a Tuxedo or a Slimbook. Too bad it’s not powered by AMD though.

This time next year and I think we’ll see an ENORMOUS amount of Ryzen-powered Linux options.

That sounds and looks very tempting. I am a teacher so I never had a need for those developer editions and whatnot. I use my laptop every day the whole day but my demands are not too high.
This Slimbook looks like the perfect laptop if I need a new one. I will certainly consider it.

I guess they listened to your podcast. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. Are these developed in-house or rebadged from an OEM like Clevo? If so I’m curious how they’re able to be so (relatively) inexpensive.

I read somewhere or heard that they are from Clevo but I am not 100 % sure.

Other comparably priced options are from Starlabs. User serviceable and repairable, spare parts available directly.

Yep saw that too when Jason mentioned them. Not sure if the keyboard will be available in something else than qwerty though

My wife has a MacBook Air that will soon stop receiving OS updates. I’ve been trying to decide if I should install Elementary OS on it or buy her a Slimbook Esssential 14.

I can get her a Core i5 with 16GB RAM for around $700 USD - way better specs than her 2012 Core 2 Duo with 4 GB RAM.

I’ve installed elementary on a 2013 MacBook Pro and it just FEELS and looks fantastic.
that being said, battery life suffers a little but it’s a really nice experience overall.

If you’ve got the money, I say support Slimbook! They even offer a ton of different distros pre-installed.

Welcome to the DLN forum btw!

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The Mark IV looks nice but I find it odd that it can only be configured as an i3 or i7 variant - no i5 available. The i3 with a 480 GB SSD is a little more than $800 USD.

The Mark III is still in “budget Linux” territory but it’s configured more like an expensive Chromebook at with a 480 GB SSD for $474 USD.