Skyrim Modding Guide for Linux

Hi guys, I’ve written a guide on how to set up a modding environment for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. It uses a modified Steam Proton script which you can edit to run the “Mod Organizer” modding tool. I thought i’d share it here to contribute to the gaming thread. Maybe you will find it useful.


Man did you do some work, thank you for sharing! When I have time in the next few weeks i’ll see how it adapts to SE and post back.

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Hi astronautsupplier, I’ve not tested it on Special Edition since all the mods I play with are for Legendary Edition. I’ve shared this guide with other players who play Special Edition and they said they would get back to me if they can get SKSE and Vortex working with SE using the same tricks mentioned in my guide.

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Hey Ulfnic, thanks for the kind comments. Skyrim is one of my most favourite games to play, and one that I always had to keep a Windows partition around just to play it modded. I’ve see many Windows users who struggle to get a modded Skyrim environment up and running on Linux, so this was the motivation for this guide and to hopefully help others see that Linux is just as capable as Windows for gaming.

I very much welcome any input you can share on using my guide to help Special Edition players.

You may want to check out this guide for SSE on Linux. I believe it is more basic than supashang’s, but it will get you started. Also, MO2 works in Wine now if you prefer it over Vortex.

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I’ve been trying several guides to get Skyrim SE to work including the one you linked. I always get a black screen on launch that freezes. From what I can tell from the guides it’s supposed to be boot-able with just Proton right after you download it? I’m using Proton v4.2-9 and Lutris also got the same result using Proton.

I also downloaded regular Skyrim and it boots up and plays no problem though it needs the sound fix. Hoping I can fix SE. -_-

Why don’t you just try the latest Proton? I think the first time I got it to work was back in the 3.16 days, but I don’t remember exactly (it was November or December of 2018.) Do the logs have any information?

I vaguely remember getting it to launch past a black screen by moving the Bethesda logo animation (accessible from the “Videos” subdirectory in Skyrim’s data directory) and replacing it with an empty file of the same name, but I think that was to get around my (at the time) abominable graphics card.

link updated: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Modding Guide for Linux - SPACE BUMS

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