Silly question but I am noob in a new land :)

Hey DLN Community,

I am wanting to make sure I provide my question to the proper forum before posting, and I wanted to reach out to the HD to ask from more experienced forum users where I should post questions specific to suggestions and help with building two new tower builds for Linux Gaming. I see there are two areas that might fit this: hardware and gaming. However, I am not sure which one is most aligned to have this question posted.

Thanks for your guidance :slight_smile:

Where things are posted is up to user discretion. Wherever you think it’d serve the forum patrons best. Worst case I can move it :wink: , big welcome to the forum.

Great, and thanks! I too was thinking that it would be moved if necessary and that would offer me a mental note reminder on where certain subjects are to be focused. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I think the main thing to consider is who do you want to read it? People interested in hardware or people interested in gaming?
You should pick the thread based on the answer to that question and I suspect you will get very different replies based on your choice.

In my experience, only a small subset of gamers are “proper nerds”, so on a general gaming forum, expect to get a lot of fanboyism and “truths” that are just copied and repeated from thread to thread without anyone actually knowing the source or having the ability or desire to verify the claims.

On a hardware forum, you are more likely to get a very technical answer, that is more “correct”, but not necessarily meant for a gaming audience, that might be more willing to compromise on e.g. security in favor of performance and simplicity.

In either case, the DLN forum is not a general gaming forum, so there is definitely some selection bias here and the number of users is small enough, that the same people are likely to see it in either thread :slight_smile:

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Hey there Kobberholm,

That is very helpful for me to be aware of. :slight_smile:

The idea of checking here came to mind after listening to Hardware Addicts yesterday. I figured, there would be some very wiser minds around here with some really great perspectives to share.

I appreciate your advice and I look forward to learning from you and many others here.

Thanks again!

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