Shazam open source?

Hi Everyone! :slight_smile:
I’m looking at Shazam as application for Android to recognize songs. I am wondering if it is open source since I found this:

but i am not sure it is the correct one since my understanding was that it was closed source but I also do not understand fully github
any help?

If it is not open source, do we have any alternative that is open source?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I am not 100 % sure but I do not think that Shazam is open source. At least on Wikipedia it is stated that it is developed by Apple. To be sure one has to see the license.
Only because it is free and on GitHub does not mean that it is open source software.

Thanks @vinylninja
in that case: Shazam

it seems it is NOT open source… any alternative anyone :slight_smile:

Article about Mousai as a Shazam alternative
Songrec is a shazam client written in rust

mmm very interesting, thanks :slight_smile:
but I’m not running linux on the phone, yet :smiley:

I was looking for an android app

fwiw, you could find all of this yourself by simply following links or internet searches. It is quite simple.

Try filing an issue to ask David about how to install his app as an apk or perhaps make it available from the F-Droid appstore. Good luck.

I’ve tried that:

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment :confused:

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Thanks for asking. For anyone reading, the dev says:

"Unfortunately, the app cannot be made available via APK or on F-Droid in its current state because it’s missing the parts that make it work.

  • Shazam integration would require connecting to their servers and every way to do so requires payment.

  • integration requires an API key that can also only be obtained by paying. They used to have a clause on their website that hinted at a free plan for projects that are open source and benefit society, but they have since removed it and haven’t returned my messages.

This is why it can’t be done at the moment. But I am on the lookout for a free song-recognition API, so if anyone has a suggestion, I’m all ears!"

Any ideas?