Shalom and Hello

Hello I am Lexie,
(my name is Ariel in Hebrew, but don’t like to sound like a disney princess, hence i use Lexie online).
I am a bio chemist, ex macos and apple users, moved to the Linux world recently close to 1 year, tried few Linux OSs been using manjaro for a while now, gnome at first as any mac os user then KDE (after getting my Tablet and phone I started to look for gnome alternatives) KDE seems nice and looked really cool.
I moved from Apple after 19 years I was unhappy with it in general. My best friends boyfriend or fiance @AstraAdria4Ari conviced me over 1 year ago to move to Linux I did and I am happy with it now.

As I bio chemist I even learned to make timeshift backup, backup home with dejadup even installed from usb my tablet even burned the usb on my own (probably easy for everyone here I guess).

That is my Linux short story, DLN got recommended if I want to learn more about Linux hence I joined. My first month of the show and the community here I learned a lot and I am happy to be part of it.

All the best Lexie.


Welcome to DLN!

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Greetings, and alaichem shalom. I tend to go by Friar because my name was Belle’s “crazy” father on Beauty and the Beast. That, and a wildly overplayed song by the Steve Miller Band.

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Welcome, so happy to have you here and glad you found Linux! Happy Manjaro user here as well. Curious if you have found any open-source applications to use in your industry of bio-chemistry?

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well for my work I only use firefox browser and all of my work is hosted on NextCloud and access via website address with numbers, like https: and I log in and use it. I don’t use and it only works from the network at my lab or I can use VPN app called wireguard or wyreguard not sure of the exact name of the VPN app we use and all I know is that the coders use something called electron to develop all the apps. I am not IT person cannot explain better.

I am genome expert and I work on genome research working on stuff like genetics algorithms etc.



Hi Lexie,

Thanks for sharing your Linux story.



So you’re the Joker? :grinning:

Well, I’m not a smoker. Haha.