SG-2220 dead

Looks like my netgate SG-2220 is dead.
I have a solid Orange status led, and the 4 led for the network adapter are solid green.
Looking over the internet, it is a know issue with that motherboard, some clock issue.

Anyway, I have to replace the device.
What do you suggest ?

mostly used as firewall, and to protect my home network.
It run a VPN client, for all my outgoing connection, and a VPN server, for my incoming connection, when I want to access home from outside.

The sg-2220 could handle the speed, so should the replacement unit.

I see now there is the sg-1100. Is there other choice ?
Thank you

Hello ?

Nobody here to help for a security gateway ?

the sg-3100 which is the “replacement” is a bit expensive 400$
What about the sg-1100 is it good ?

Is there other alternative ?
I have a permanent out VPN for all outgoing traffic
and a inbound VPN for reaching home

Thank you

If you’re looking for a cheaper pfsense replacement you could build your own. Here’s the official doc on supported hardware:

FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE Hardware Notes | The FreeBSD Project

I’m afraid I have no experience with picking specific pfsense hardware.

Depending on what you need you could go with a basic OpenWRT setup:

[OpenWrt Wiki] Supported devices

The problem with consumer grade router, using openwrt, is that they cannot take the load of the VPN connection at 100 Mbs/s, or at least they could not, 3-4 years ago.

I will look into other hardware.

Most routers are extremely under-powered. If you filter OpenWRT’s list by RAM you’ll see some pretty beefy ones near the top.

Another option is using RouterOS which has broad compatibility but is recommended for MikroTik hardware, the makers of which created and maintain RouterOS.
MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Software

after some more research, the is plenty of hardare existing.

Protectli vault
PCengines APU board
Mini PC from china like

So far the fastest I ve seen are the protectli vault 6, that could go as aft as 580Mb/s with openvpn.
The other go at 100 Mb/s

anyway, now I have some hardware to check out and choose :slight_smile:

Very interested in how this turns out.