Set Kdenlive to use more CPU Cores than 4

Hi all,

First off, happy to be here, sad it had to be a question as our first meeting.

Anyway, I’m trying to set Kdenlive to render a 2hr video, but it’s takes hours on my Thread-Ripper 3960X, 128GB and 3060 TI based system (Ryan baby eat yo heart out, mua.). I only see the usage in htop at 12-15% and really only 4 cores being used. I’ve set in the Kdenlive environment to use 42 threads and I generated a render script in mlt and set the realtime pram to -42, yet it still only 12-15% and 4 cores. I’m at a loss of what else to do, any advice?

  • Distribution & Version: Fedora 34
  • Kernel information: 5.14.18-200.fc34.x86_64 #1 SMP
  • When did the issue start happening? - Since I installed the program.

Can you try using the AppImage version of Kdenlive and see if you can get it to use more of the cores? Curious if you see a difference.

You could try one of the nightly builds to get the latest changes if your project is done and you just want to render. Aside from that, searching online for your issue only came up with increasing the concurrent threads/processing threads in your MLT environment (which you have already tried to do by the looks of it).