Self-hosted alternative to Habbo? (or another virtual world)

I need to host a party in March, and the world being what it is, it needs to be virtual. I attended some nice virtual parties in some Habbo worlds recently (albeit with some shady licencing), and that seemed like a nice retro-ish platform that allowed using dj’s and such.

So, is there something I can self-host? Preferably something what would allow the guests to use avatars and me to build rooms, and music would be awesome.

Bonus points for docker.

Hey RampantPanda,
you should checkout workadventure.
You can host this yourself with docker and use custom created rooms. I also think you can “federate” with other instances, by linking each other.

That looks like just the thing, thanks a lot!

Uuh… Any idea how I could put that behind a SWAG proxy from

You may need to edit the compose file of workadventure to use another port and let the ngix config of swag proxy to this port.