Security robots to keep safe....or control?

"But I do believe it is a great tool to keep a community as large as this, to keep it safer, to keep it controlled.”

And that’s what it’s all about. Controlling society via tech. Privacy not included.
What are the rules for these private companies, regarding privacy, that work alongside the government?
We are truly living in 1984. I can’t wait for this thing to be hacked and turned into a jukebox or something else creative.
This also raises the argument though, if one can expect to have privacy on public ground?

hypothetically you could…

Grab some dependable friends, put on disguise, bum-rush the bot, shimmy it onto a cart, cart it and dump it in the nearest body of water.

Rinse and repeat until private surveillance robots won’t be a money making business.

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I’m onboard for any plan that uses the word shimmy, I may also be up for yeeting.

What I like about the security bot issue is it shows the natural human vulnerability to gauge things by the way in which something is done rather than what is actually being done.

The battle against having cameras everywhere has been completely lost… you can have 20 cameras on the side of building doing 24-7 full coverage surveillance in IR, UV, Lidar and dropping it all in an AWS S3 bucket with no password but put a single camera on a robot and it’s war. The signal being sent by most of the public is that they’ll put up with surveillance, just as long as it looks nice.

What’s funny is a robot really does bother me a lot more than fixed cameras… it’s a brain hack that works pretty well.

Maybe the bigger question is how to fix that brain hack and be as alarmed by fixed surveillance as we are about robots with cameras? Merely describing the similarities doesn’t seem to do it en’ mass.


In the future Blade Runner will be an actual job. This seems to be exactly what you’re describing.

So… Is this a result of de-funding the police? Because no human wants to do that job anymore.

Amazon Echo Show is a robot with a camera in it and nobody cares about that. I guess it looks too nice and unassuming. Now with Amazon Sidewalk, Amazon devices can communicate between each other across city blocks in a mesh network that operates on UHF bands. So even disconnected from your home network the devices can send data to the Echo dot in the neighbours basement and use their WiFi to send you’re data to the cloud. Not to mention any phone in range of the mesh network is tracked.

Distopia would be terrible if it wasn’t so darn convenient.

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I actually remember a time when public surveillance cameras started appearing more frequently and people did think it was excessive and invasive. That sure changed quickly.

The standard often used is: in public you have no reasonable expectation of privacy because anyone could feasibly walk by at any time so privacy laws shouldn’t apply.

I think that’s a poor binary argument because it implies if I can’t expect absolute privacy then i’m entitled to zero privacy, that’s not the reality of speaking in public… although that standard was developed a long while ago when it was held in check by the limitations of human surveillance, you could only have so many people looking/listening to so many things and then comparing notes.

That’s since changed into an environment comparable to having people on every corner listening at all times with perfect recollection fed into a hive mind with super cognition. Imagine trying to accomplish the state of surveillance we have now with humans 10-20 yrs ago, you’d need to employ practically 1/2 the population.

I think either that privacy standard has to change to reflect reality instead of absolutes or surveillance needs to be mostly human driven as it was when those standards were set though really it should be both.

I’m alarmed by both (fixed camera’s and this thing) and anything that’s trying to invade my privacy. But it’s preaching in the desert. I’ve said it before, the majority doesn’t care. I think they’ll even find this monstrosity cute. It boggles the mind, it really does.
Data is the new gold, and that’s showing.
The state of surveillance we have now, is about the same the DDR had with their Stasi. When the DDR crumpled and people stormed the Stasi’s hq, they where horrified to see the amounts of data they had on their citizens. That is why Germany now has one of the finest privacy laws in Europe.
They learned from their past.

Not anymore. Recently the German government approved spying on encrypted messaging services. Btw, that Germany has or had good privacy laws is a myth. Switzerland has better laws in place and always had. Of course compared to the US Germany wins, so does Europe (EU) in general.