Secure messaging comparison

The people over at the privacy, security & osint show have put up a chart to compare several companies that provide messaging, mail etc…

The chart can be found here:

Worth taking a look.


Nice chart!

(while I would never use Imessage even if I had an iphone, purely because of the non-cross-platform nature, I’m glad you included it atleast)

Also some feedback (don’t want to make the chart bloated though), something that it’d like to see is if the various applications’s desktop versions allow you to use the End to end encryption.
Cause for example whatsapp’s desktop (web) version does allow that. But telegram’s desktop app doesn’t.


Interesting indeed, I found another email service I didn’t know that is worth checking (CTemplar).
iMessage seems always odd to me when comparing message services due to its integration in the sms app :man_shrugging:t3: You can really sense their schemes because you’re using iMessage without even noticing.