SDRAM Acronym

re: Episode 46: DDR5 Has Arrived!

Great info about DDR 5. We are living in the most interesting time period of history. I really appreciated the explanation of the differences in the architecture in the various generations. However, the acronym of “SDRAM” does not designate “Single” Data. SDRAM designates Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory while SDR SDRAM is used to designate Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. The “Synchronous” aspect marked a great leap forward in computer RAM as it fixed its cycles to an external clock – hence “synchronous.”

On a street level SDRAM is often synonymous with Single Data Rate from a hindsight perspective. Much like the acoustic guitar was known as an acoustic only after the invention of the electric guitar.

Keep up the great work on the show. There’s a cool mix of personalities and great content which is often very practical. Thanks for all of your hard work.


lol I didn’t expect to learn about guitars. Thank you!!

I remember when SDRAM was a new thing. I thought it was pretty exciting. Then that DDR2 came around and I was pretty blown away, Upgraded to a machine with DDR3 was pretty amazing and now DDR4 for me and truly felt like we have arrived… then… DDR5. Where does this end? Will my kids be telling me about those vintage DDR5 machines in a short number of years? :smiley: