Scandalous article about Microsoft whistleblower. Does this shake your faith in Microsoft as any sort of "good guy"?

“Microsoft is tied to hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign bribes, whistleblower alleges”:

Not really. Not really even if I didn’t view M$ as a hunchbacked scumback villain with rotten teeth and bad breath, with many many warts down there. That’s how business in africa and middle east is done.

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The article’s title is so misleading it’s almost off-topic and the cynic in me wonders if that’s on purpose for damage control.

Assuming this is true, they’re assisting people in foreign countries to embezzle money out of their own gov’ts, organizations, ect into personal bank accounts.

It’s intuitive to believe brides are the only way to get things done in some countries but money laundering is a WHOOOOLE different ball game so that’s some might strange language they used.

I’m sure that’s a typo, but it gave me a good laugh.