SCaLE 21x travel and experiment

So first up, I am excited to be attending my first SCaLE. For those who are wanting to travel in from Temecula, San Diego, etc. Hit me up and maybe we can figure out a carpool.

We have talked about Mastodon, ActivityPub, Matrix. I am reinserting myself into them again. However, I have always had a fascination with the Scuttlebutt Protocol and have never given it ago. I was thinking, what would be the best way to experience it and the value of it through SCaLE. Maybe it can be a form of keeping up after meaningful contact while there. A good number of possibilities. Maybe we can have TuxDigital, Jupiter Broadcasting, and the like to push it as a social experiment in open source communication.

I am looking into Manverse for my client. I would suggest, so there is no shaming of OS and maybe for community learning by consistent interface we can really explore the protocol for fun, ideas, and why-nots.

What do you think?