SBC Wars - What ya got?

I have a couple of raspberry pi’s and I like them. However, I’d like to look at other options in the SBC space so I thought I’d reach out here to see what you all used and what you recommend.

What board do you like and what OS do you run on it?

I have at this point, 2 raspberries, one is acting as a minecraft server (before that, an owncloud instance) and one runs XBMC. (media center).
Also there’s an arduino uno but that’s more for experimenting and learning electronics.

Just one RPi4, with Ubuntu 20.04. I had others in the past, but gave them away.

While I don’t own one, I have researched the Beagle Board while looking at SBCs.

Just a Raspberry Pi 3B running a Pi-Hole.

One Raspberry pi 4/4gb raspian
One Libre tritium H3, 1gb (This one is my pi-hole = awesome and cheap) Armbian
One Libre LePotato H5?, 2gb Armbian.

You really want to know what boards/devices I have that are SBC based?
All of these are running Manjaro ARM on a testing basis, unless stated otherwise!

Okay, here’s a list:

Raspberry Pi:
Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3+
Raspberry Pi 4
Raspberry Pi 400

Odroid XU4 (no longer supported, so no longer used)
Odroid C2
Odroid C4
Odroid N2
Odroid N2+

PinePhone Don’t Be Evil kit
PinePhone Braveheart
PinePhone UBPorts CE
PinePhone Manjaro CE
PineTab Developer Kit
PineTab Early Adopter
Rock64 (v2 and v3)
RockPro64 (running Ubuntu as my home server)
Pinebook 1080p
Pinebook Pro


Khadas Vim 3

Jetson Nano Developer Kit (Ubuntu)

Rock Pi 4B

I might have forgotten some, but I think thats them.

PS: Some of them I have multiple of…


Raspberry Pi 3B+ running LibreELEC is my main board. It does everything I want from it.


Radxa site
Radxa wiki
ROCK PI 4 - RK3399, 1GB/2GB/4GB RAM - specs
ROCK Pi S - RK3308, 256MB/512MB - specs -
ROCK Pi E - RK3328, 256MB/512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB - specs -
ROCK Pi X - Intel Z8350 (32/64bit), 1GB/2GB/4GB RAM - specs -
ROCK Pi N10 - RK3399pro 5GB/6GB/8GB - specs -

You have all of them? :slight_smile:

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I own a x1 Raspberry Pi 2B and x1 RockPro64.

When I think of all your SBC’s @Strit I picture you in this scene from SkyFall:


With some poor soul strapped in a chair, looking in shocked disbelief at all those sbc’s. :grin:


Thanks. I like to view myself as some evil overlord. :wink:


Such an awesome list, here are the ones I own:

  • Jetson Nano Developer (AI Projects)
  • 3x Raspberry Pi 3+ (Vehicle Interface, Pi-Hole, File Server)
  • 1x Raspberry Pi 4 (changes what I do with it monthly)

My want list:

  • Raspberry Pi 400
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You also have a Pinebook Pro, don’t you?

I had a Pinebook Pro and a RockPro64 but sold both of those. I cycle through buying and selling most my equipment at some point.