RSS feeds / Radio getting Harder to find URLs

It seems to be so much harder to track down URLs for news feeds and internet radio stations.

No one seems to be announcing their URLs any more. It’s all, sign up for this reader to receive our news, or download this app to listen to our radio station.

Try searching for a URL that you can copy and paste and many times you come up blank.

You’re not wrong! It’s definitely getting harder and harder.

I use TTRSS and it often does a good job of finding it, but not always.

Chris over at Linux Unplugged was discussing this issue on episode 454.

He was pointing to RSSHub as one, albeit self-hosted, solution that can generate an RSS feed from almost any website. I haven’t tried it myself yet. I would also be interested if anyone else has found other solutions.

Sometimes you can URL-guess rss feeds for websites by appending /rss or /feed to the domain.


Some websites even have RSS that the owners don’t know they have.