RPi file server or NAS

I want to hook up my RPi 4 with external hard drives, put them on our network and attach them to my 2 pc home directorys I know this is doable, but not sure how…

You could do something like this:

There are several related hardware products for this sort of thing here:

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You should start with picking the OS. Do you want a turnkey nas solution, or do you want to get your hands dirty and learn how to do it yourself?

Thinking of Ubuntu Server, definitely want to learn

Ubuntu is a good way to go then. As for filesystems, keep it simple. Start with either lvm and ext4/xfs, or even use btrfs.

I tried Samba and NFS, tons of tutorials on the web made that easy. Settled on NFS, and it’s working very well. On the client side, I can’t get the drives to mount from fstab, that’s the only hang up…

What kind of error are you getting? Anything about a timeout? Did you ensure you have opened the correct ports?

Mounting is very slow when done by hand. I tried different entries into fstab, but with no error messages, I am giving up. Going to do it by script from now on.