[Resolved] Restic backup quite slow. This normal?

Using Restic on Ubuntu 21.04 and a 1 month old Ryzen 7 laptop with 40GB RAM. I’m backing up to a USB connected 2TB spinning hard drive. Restic tells me a 1TB backup job will take 37hrs! Rsync only took about 14 hrs under same conditions. Is this normal for Restic to be so slow?

Here’s a screenshot of the Restic job details:

your first backup will take the most time.

remember, Rsync just copies the file, Restic has to inject, Chunk, index it, encrypt itm see if that chunk already exsists in its encrypted form, and repeat for every file.

alls your backups after your first one should be much faster.


OK, thanks. That makes sense. I didn’t realize so much was going on in the background. Could you mark this as resolved?