Reset EC before upgrade RAM and drives?

I’ve got a brand new MSI Bravo 15 AMD Ryzen 7 4800H laptop A4DDR-212IN, Model MS-16WK. I want to open it up and upgrade the RAM and storage drives. I looked at the video and this laptop appears to be easy to upgrade. The video shows an EC (embedded controller) reset being done before removing the back cover.

Does the EC usually need to be reset before upgrading the RAM and storage drives on a laptop? I just want to make sure resetting the EC is normal procedure and won’t hurt anything.

That doesn’t sound to me like something that would normally need to be done, but then again I know nothing about that particular machine. Any chance you could share a link to the video?

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Sure, here’s the link MSI GF65 Thin/Creator 15M A/Bravo 15 A Series SSD & RAM Upgrade Tutorial - YouTube The reset happens at around 20 seconds.

I asked my friend who repairs computers about this. He’s upgraded RAM in many laptops. He said he’s never heard of resetting EC. I decided to not do the EC reset. I installed the new RAM and nvme drive and they seem to work fine.

(On a side note, they also unplug the main battery cable in the video. But I was unable to unplug it in my laptop. I went ahead and upgraded the RAM and nvme drive anyway and (thank goodness) they seem to be working fine.)

Do you repair/upgrade laptops?

Ahh, thanks. I see now from the video description

I’ve upgraded a couple of my own laptops and never done that, although I would remove the battery if it’s possible. Glad it all seemed to work out anyway.


Thanks. I’ve got Fedora 34 successfully installed and now in the process of phasing out Windows.

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